Elizabeth Alda O'Heaney, EdD.

Elizabeth Alda O’Heaney, EdD has 30+ years of experience working with students of all ages, and in all settings. Starting out with a Masters degree in Deaf Education, Elizabeth then progressed to get credentials in Moderate Disabilities to teach students with dyslexia and ADHD. Much later in her teaching career, she earned her doctorate degree, focusing on social-emotional learning and students with dyslexia and ADHD.

ESTA is a small, boutique company that can tailor any program to fit any needs. With an abundance of experience in all settings (now including remote and virtual), Elizabeth can custom design a program to fit most needs. Tutoring services are also available for students with learning differences/ADHD.

ESTA: Empowering Students, Teaching Advocacy

Advocacy is the ability to speak up for oneself and let one's needs be known. Advocacy is a necessary ingredient throughout a student’s educational journey, however, most students do not have solid advocacy skills. In fact, these skills are not natural and most students do not acquire them without being directly taught how to advocate. Sometimes this happens on the playing field, or at home with older siblings or parents, but transferring these skills to the classroom sometimes requires explicit instruction.

Here at ESTA: Empowering Students, Teaching Advocacy, we directly teach advocacy skills to all students. Directly teaching this skill is especially important for students with learning differences, as this can be the difference between success and failure in college. But whether you have a learning difference, or you are a typical learner, ESTA can help all students achieve their goals.

ESTA also works with students to strengthen executive function skills, such as organization, working memory, and time management. These skills are essential to success in K-12, the college years, and beyond.

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  • Massachusetts K-12 teaching license in Deaf Education and Moderate Disabilities

  • Masters degree in Deaf Education (fluent in American Sign Language)

  • Doctorate in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and dyslexia/ADHD

  • Certified in Wilson Reading System

  • 60 hours of training in Orton-Gillingham